For many drivers, looking for a great deal on a used car can require a lot of research. At Jaguar Ventura, we want to show drivers in the Ventura, Camarillo, and Oxnard areas why they should consider a certified pre-owned car for their next vehicle.

Read more to learn about the pros of certified pre-owned vehicles and what makes them a great combination of both new and used.

You Get a Great Warranty

All certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles have been certified by their manufacturer. This means that when you purchase a CPO vehicle you are getting a warranty that helps to ensure your vehicle will work for years.

When you purchase a standard used car, you don’t get any warranty with the vehicle. There isn’t any manufacturer certification ensuring that the maintenance for your used vehicle will be covered for the next few years. With a CPO vehicle, you are able to buy the peace of mind that comes with a warrenty.


It Has Been Inspected and Well-Maintained

It’s not easy for a vehicle to earn the title of certified, as there are a lot of tests it needs to pass and standards it needs to meet just to be qualified. Every Jaguar CPO must go through inspections in order to become certified, and those inspections need to be passed with flying colors.

This is not to mention the fact that factors like if the vehicle has been in a collision or required major repairs before being sold will likely disqualify it from becoming a CPO vehicle. When you purchase a CPO vehicle, you can be sure this car is in good condition after it’s been inspected by skilled manufacturer technicians.

They Have a Clean History

Sometimes when dealing with used vehicles you want to learn about the history of the car. Was it involved in any accidents? What was it used for before it was sold? For drivers who are very concerned about the state a car is in, going the CPO route can be a safe decision.

By buying a CPO Jaguar, you can be sure that there was one previous owner and that the mileage of the vehicle will be low. You can be sure this vehicle will last you a long time knowing it’s from a reliable source and provides low mileage.

You Can Get Some Extra Perks with the Car

When you buy a CPO vehicle, you also get some nice upgrades that come with buying the car. Oftentimes, dealerships selling CPO cars will offer added benefits for their CPO Jaguar.

You can get things like roadside assistance or a free satellite radio subscription for a limited time. What you can get depends on the dealership, but oftentimes dealers will provide certified pre-owned offers.


Explore our Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar Inventory

If you’re looking for an affordable pre-owned vehicle with some of the benefits of a new car, our dealership can help. At Jaguar Ventura, we offer a wide selection of certified pre-owned Jaguar vehicles for drivers in the Ventura, Camarillo, and Oxnard areas.

If you’re interested in trying out one of our certified pre-owned cars, schedule a test drive with us online or over the phone today!

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