Jaguar vs BMW

2021 Jaguar F-TYPE

Jaguar and BMW have been ruling the luxury car sector since their inception. With lavish amenities, high-end design, and unparalleled performance, their model lineups prove to be some of the most coveted in the Ventura, Camarillo, and Oxnard, California, areas, as well as around the world. But when it comes to your personal needs and style, which luxury brand is better for you?

To help you decide, Jaguar Ventura is here with our informative Jaguar vs. BMW brand comparison. Here, you’ll learn more about each of these luxury car manufacturers—a perfect place to start your vehicle research off right.

Will you soon find a BMW in your driveway, or will you be cruising the streets in a Jaguar? Let’s find out.

A Brief History of Jaguar & BMW

Jaguar F-PACE

The BMW name was first heard in 1916 when they began crafting engines for aircraft. Around 1923, they moved on to produce popular motorcycles using advanced technologies that are still seen today.

However, it wasn’t until 1928 that they began engineering their first vehicles. Since then, they have expanded to produce the wide variety of luxury sports cars and SUVs we know today.

On the other hand, Jaguar has always been in the luxury car game. Since releasing their first vehicle, the 1935 SS Jaguar 2.5L Saloon, their name has been synonymous with luxury sports cars, creating some of the most stunning and distinct models the market has ever seen.

Since that first car hit the streets, they have significantly advanced, producing everything from racing vehicles to iconic and highly innovative street models. Then, in 1996, they released the first Jaguar V8, becoming the fastest selling sports car ever for the brand, and the rest is history.

The Jaguar & BMW Lineups

When comparing Jaguar vs. BMW, looking at their model lineups is crucial. Though there are a lot of similarities, there are some notable differences as well.

Jaguar focuses on crafting the best vehicles in the industry, and keeping their model roster limited to less than 10 vehicles helps them focus on quality rather than quantity. Their lineup is varied as well, and includes luxury sedans, sports vehicles, SUVs, and even a fully electric car.

BMW, however, has a vehicle collection of over 17 models, which some might think is spreading themselves a little thin. They also have an all-electric vehicle, but when comparing the it to the Jaguar electric model, the Jaguar comes out on top with a higher mile range and more horsepower.

BMW vs Jaguar: Warranties

WarrantyWarranties are another vital aspect when comparing luxury models. While both brands offer respectable warranty programs, you’ll find the Jaguar is a little more generous:

Jaguar Warranty:

  • Best in class 5-year/60,000-mile coverage
  • Complimentary maintenance with Jaguar EliteCare
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • 4-year/50,000-mile paint and 6-year/unlimited mile corrosion warranty
  • 1-year/unlimited miles parts and accessory warranty

BMW Warranty:

  • 4-year/50,000-mile coverage
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Available BMW maintenance plan
  • Available BMW extended warranty coverage

Jaguar vs BMW: The Choice Is In Your Hands

Though both brands offer a lot to drivers in the Ventura, Camarillo, and Oxnard, CA, areas, Jaguar—a luxury car innovator since the beginning—is never a bad choice. With a focus on quality, a best-in-class warranty program, and a lineup of vehicles that is sure not to disappoint, we think you’re going to love being behind the wheel of one of their models.

Want to learn more, or take a spin in a Jaguar yourself? Then schedule a test drive with the team at Jaguar Ventura. We’re here to help make all of your automotive dreams come true.