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C. Jenkins, Santa Maria CA 14 Dec 2016
To Whom It May Concern: I recently purchased a pre-owned BMW from your company and must express again my appreciation for the excellent service I received from Mitchell Weiss. A little over one year ago my husband purchased a pre-owned Mercedes from Mitch and we were "wowed" by the professionalism a...nd service we received at that time. When the time came for me to look for a new car I immediately thought of our great experience with Mitch and called to find out if you had BMW's available. To my delight there were a couple of models to look at and test drive, and Mitch was also available to once again assist us with our purchase. Working with credit unions is a bit different than working with most banks, and can be a much slower process. I appreciate your team's pertinence as we had to wait to get final approval from the bank for the financing and rate we preferred. I applaud your team, and want you to know what a great salesperson you have in Mitch Weiss. My husband and I will continue to recommend your company to our friends and family. Kind regards, C. Jenkins Show more
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W. Nelson, Santa Rosa Valley CA 09 Nov 2016
Dear Mr. Vass, I have wanted to write you for some time now to let you know how pleased I have been with the personnel at your dealership. My wife and I decided to order a new fully loaded LR4 after having viewed its spectacular performance in a BBC episode of "Top Gear" and reading the favorable wr...ite-up about the vehicle in Consumer Reports magazine. As a car guy I was impressed with the quality turnaround that Land Rover has acheived. My wife is an experienced hotel designed and is a recognized color expert in Southern California. She drove the LR4 at another Land Rover dealer, liked the vehicle and wanted to order it in Tiel Blue Metallic. However the other dealer wouldn't do it. I was stunned. The color was offered, but a dealership wouldn't order the vehicle in that color. I then approached an internet buying service that approached several other dealerships in Southern California. The same result. No one would order an LR4 in Tiel Blue Metallic. Moreover there were no Tiel Blue Metallic LR4's west of Texas anywhere. One rainy day I stopped by your dealership where Mitchell Weiss greeted me. I told him our sad story and he said "that's crazy-we'll do it". Within a day or two thereafter the vehicle was ordered and we have driven it now for five months and get lots of compliments. Mitchell also visited our residence on the way to work one day to explain some of the intricacies of the vehicle. I have also been impressed with your friendly service department and the good work they do. The have expertly serviced my 2005 Jaguar XJR and were terrific in installing dealer options on the LR4. Sean has been excellent to work with. I just thought you might want to know what a terrific group of people you have working for you. Best regards, W. Nelson Show more
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David L., OXNARD CA 05 Oct 2016
I was in the market for a Jaguar XF and at this point ready to buy after having test driven at a dealer. Knowing that most dealers that sell high end cars typically have fantastic Customer Service. I parked by the side of the Jaguar dealer on the roadside and approached the building with my wife. On...ce entering the showroom I spent about 10 min viewing the jaguars. I did see 3 people at their desks. During my 10 min there, never did a salesperson approach me. I then went out to the lot and spent about 15 min viewing the jaguars from the outside only, again no salesperson. I went back into the showroom for about 10 min again, and you guessed right no salesperson approached me, and oh by the way I was the only customer there. Looked at my wife and said let's go. As I was leaving I had said out loud "It's a shame no one has helped us here, because we were ready to buy." In a hurry someone came up, but I said it was far too late. Can you imagine if you're treated that way, one would wonder how they deal with customers on maintenance issues. Needless to say I did not buy there, but bought at Ventura Jaguar where the customer service was truly outstanding! Show more
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A Meyerstein, Ventura CA 01 Mar 2014
Phil, I felt it was important for you to know that I rate your dealership a 10 ++++++. Andre, Walter, Alfonso, Sean are wonderful to work with. Howard was a dream with me on the delivery of my car this morning. You have the best in service, sales of all of the dealers in which I have done business. ...That is a big compliment as I feel I am not the easiest to do business with. Anyway I felt you should know and be complimented. Good job Phil A. Meyerstein P.S. Ever need any investor in your dealership - please let me know. Show more
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